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Custom Diaries 2021

The popularity of calendars, diaries and notebooks continues to endure despite the increasing use of technology, with their ubiquity in the business arena proving that they are remarkably impervious to the digital age. Electronic calendars and planners may be easily available, but wander through any business office and it quickly becomes apparent that the traditional version remains a desirable planning aid.

In light of the developments regarding COVID-19, we would like to first say that our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by the virus in South Africa and around the world. We wish everyone strength and fortitude during this difficult time and urge you to prioritize the health and safety of yourselves, your families and others in your community as some sectors start their move back to work under Level 4 lockdown restrictions. Thank you and salute to the frontline workers, medical staff, truck drivers and other essential services employees working tirelessly behind the scenes. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we live, study, work and connect with each other, it has also brought to light, the characteristic strength and compassion South Africans share. United, South Africa will prevail.

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In recent memory, more workplace correspondence in South Africa has become digital; improving the time and efficiency needed to complete daily tasks locally and internationally. Despite compatible digital systems and software readily available through the internet, there are still certain physical resources that are harder to give up no matter how convenient digital calendars and To-Do-Lists have become. For instance, personalised Laminated diaries give owners the ability to make a note, jot down important dates, help recall fundamental events. They can be used to manage or plan for impending work tasks, and those crucial deadlines that escape the mind if not written in one place with a paper and pen. Though a personalised diary is something that can be quite ‘personal’ (it’s even in the name), they’re actually worth ordering wholesale for businesses active in a variety of sectors. Doing so significantly reduces their overall price and is a strategy to make a company’s branding more familiar; you can print your logo along with important events and dates on the cover plus relevant pages. With the Best 2021 Diary Printing Company Johannesburg  you can find on the web who cater to South Africa, and printing techniques allowing for different print quantities, you can find diary printing at a price flexible enough for most marketing budgets. Doesn’t matter if you’re working within a small business, charity, organisation or corporate enterprise, you can utilise a 2020 personalised diary planner to both increase the internal organisation and efficiency of yourself and colleagues whilst also empowering your staff to be more effective in setting their daily tasks.

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If your family run, or medium company services are looking for solutions to ensure your productivity sees successful growth and development, bespoke diaries provide assistive solutions to ensure you have one dedicated place you’ve established to help you remember vital details when you do business. Whether a private registered agency, catering service for weddings and parties, or a hospitality related professional, all can make fast and exceptional progress when they start relying on a trusted personalised 2020 diaries johannesburg that’s tailored to provide support for their management activities. A bonus is they can create further awareness of dynamic strategies and advertising ideas a brand can test along the way.

What benefits do I gain when I use Personalised 2021 Diaries Johannesburg?

If you’ve been searching for a unique strategy to promote your business in the market you’ve most likely tried out different advertising products common to trade shows, conferences and networking occasions. As you know, attendees of these type of events are accustomed to receiving numerous promo products and giveaways. You can get ahead of the competition by creating something that serves in their daily routine to stop your products from getting overlooked. Engage your target audience, from customers, to clients and partners with a personalised 2020 diaries Johannesburg that’s a practical tool to keep recipients reminded of your service. Not convinced, here are 3 more quick reasons you’ll benefit from custom planners:

1. Long-term business exposure: Those gifted with a promotional planner you’ve personalised with your details is something that’ll last. This is because they’re something reliable all kinds of people can use to stay organised in their daily lives. Many professionals often find they’re busy but don’t fulfil all the appointments they schedule according to a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Personalised diaries johannesburg helps list entries one can simply refer to whenever, which’ll usually be several times a day. This boosts the feeling of being more organised for forthcoming activities; a powerful, positive feeling can be kindled, encouraging the accomplishment of tasks. Not to mention, those gifted with one will see your brand logo each time they use the personalised planner, unconsciously building an association between these good feelings and your promo item.

2. Use of materials: With professional printing and a high quality finish, your personalised diaries johannesburg can be constructed from top quality materials despite being ordered at a discounted wholesale price. The wide variety of models and steps of personalisation allow you to add more value to the final result. You can organise affordable advertising business planners that can handle the tasks of a person’s day; this will help implicitly communicate you’re service’s added use and professionalism to potential clienteles.

3. Easy mobility: Corporate planners with your logo can come in a variety of sizes like A4 or A5. This makes them easy to transport, as they can be stored in a pocket or backpack and used on the go. ## What details should I consider when printing my custom promotional diaries? Before printing your branded diaries, we recommend that you consider some of the essentials. Create a concrete design related to your services or adapt your logo to strengthen your corporate identity. With online printers, it’s also important to check their submission specifications regarding details like saving your artwork in an appropriate layout for the product and in a PDF file format. Think about the number of pages and quantity you will need, as well as your intention for sharing them. Considering such aspects is a sure way to choose the wholesale diary model that best suits your service’s needs and goals.

As a company that specialises in diary printing johannesburg, DIARIES DIRECT JOHANNESBURG has a wide variety of customisation options like hardcover, spiral bound or glued models. We suggest brainstorming beforehand; small tip, refer to the corporate materials of your brand and try to be as faithful as possible to your logo and business colours in your artwork designs. Doing so will make it possible for you to use your 2020 promotional diaries Johannesburg for multiple marketing campaigns to help your brand become more recognisable.

Why choose Boldmedia Group products?

Our range annually offers breathtaking photography, impeccable quality and stylish finishes that is bound to impress. The proven high quality of our calendars, diaries and notebooks enhances the functionality of your gift with sophistication. But it is not only the visual impact and quality of an Associated product that is the reason to choose us! Our track record of sound customer relationships and on-time deliveries stretches back over more than 70 years. Associated Industries is still the only calendar publisher with its own finishing plant dedicated to manufacturing only our calendars, which means that we have total control over all the key production processes. We have developed a southern African network to serve southern African customers so that we are wherever you are, including offices in South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Mozambique, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Tanzania.


It’s not just the quality and popularity of our products that set us apart; we are also the only South African supplier with our own, in-house factory that is exclusively dedicated to calendar, diary and notebook production, enabling us to focus solely on our clients’ orders during any time of the year.

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The art of calendar, diary and notebook gifting.

The art of successful corporate gifting lies in extending an item that appeals to the contemporary business person and simultaneously offers functionality; an item that increases brand awareness while making a positive statement about your company. Calendars, diaries and notebooks are indispensable business tools; the means by which we structure our daily work. When you give a client a personalised calendar, notebook or diary your name is associated with the tools that drive business forward.

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We supply large corporates, small businesses, retail and various other sectors throughout the Eastern Cape, Free State, Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Northern Cape, North West, Western Cape and Africa.

Countries we export to are Namibia, Lesotho, Botswana, Kenya, Mozambique, Swaziland, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Mauritius. The transit time to these areas are 2-4 working days pending customs. Burundi, Comoros, Angola, Congo, Madagascar, Rwanda, Nigeria these take 3-5 working days pending customs. The customs charges are the responsibility of the Consignee/Receiver.

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